Lupo M Vedkamin

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Lupo  vedkamin 

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  •         Levereras i svart ,vit och röd
  •         Separat luftintag.
  •         Insidan tillverkat av  P265GH plåt.
  •         Gjutjärn brännjärn  brännkammare
  •         Reglering av sekundär och primär luft intag med separat reglage


Kaminerna har mycket effektiva brännkammare med verkningsgrad på upp till 83%, vilket hör till marknadens absolut bästa!

Distans till brännbart material 30cm


Energi klassA+
Tysk BlmSchV II+
Effekt (kW)8,7
Ved längt cm30
Verkningsgrad (%)83
Dam emission [g/m³]0,033
CO emission (by13% O2 )1,001
Vikt (kg)140
Anslutnings diameter (mm)150
Luft intag diameter (mm)100
Ved förbrukning i [kg/h]2,6
Storlek938 x 647 x 400

Freestanding stoves from the LUPO line are modern, ecological and functional devices that are ideally suited as a source of heat in summer houses or tenement houses. The modular basis, depending on the needs and preferences of the arrangement, gives four variants of the housing assembly. Depending on the location of the stove in the room, combustion gases can be discharged to the chimney from the outlet on the back or top wall. They also give back the heat with their whole surface by the exhaust pipe to the chimney. In addition, warm air can be distributed to other rooms (HAD). The interior of the stove is lined with the warmth accumulating chamotte - akubet. Heat-resistant glass in the door allows to control the condition of the hearth and observe the burning fire. Stoves are available in three sizes, powers, and colors.

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